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Referral.IM improves the professional referral experience, by eliminating paper referrals, and by delivering referrals INSTANTLY and SECURELY with email and text notifications. Currently with paper referrals such as business cards, the referral receiver has no idea who is being referred to them and has no way to contact them.

  • Deliver instant access to received referral's contact information
  • Provide a secure portal to communicate about a referral
  • Provide the tools for you to track the progress of your referrals from the moment they leave your office.
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What Our Partners Are Saying

  • Using is so much better than handing the patient a card and sending them on their way. It improves my communication with the specialist, and I can be sure that they are getting the patient's information Referred patients are not slipping through the cracks, but are much more likely to get the care they need.

    -- Dr. William Plumb
  • We use with all our referrals. provides a smooth process to make notes and attach radiographs regarding patients. Also, our patients are impressed when they receive a text/email reply from the specialist while still in our office. The 3-way communication seems to improve referral acceptance and scheduling.

    -- Dr. D. Bryce Alldredge DMD
  • The other day I referred a patient to a pediatric dentist. When I walked back into the operatory, the patient's father had a huge smile on his face, "Doc, I just received a text from Dr. Albrect's office welcoming me to his practice. I forwarded the message to my wife, she called and they are expecting us in an hour. You guys are on top of it."

    -- Dr. Robert Barrick
  • Referral.IM gives doctors the opportunity to be on the cutting edge, using a simple technology that is becoming a primary mode of how the world communicates and does business. It conveys to the patient that their doctor is at the forefront of their profession.

    -- Dr. James W. Sorensen DDS

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